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Thursday, May 7, 2015

CARU's Annual Supporter's Council Meeting Was a Success!

CARU held its annual Supporter's Council Meeting at Davis & Gilbert LLP this week in New York City. The Supporter's Council Meeting is a chance for CARU's supporters to meet and discuss the latest developments in the industry and pressing issues that companies are being faced with. It's a chance to network with other industry professionals as well and learn how they're dealing with them.

This year, we kicked off the day by revisiting the COPPA changes and discussed how they are continuing to affect the industry. Attendees had the chance to discuss the law's grey areas and their implications on business. CARU welcomed the feedback, which it plans to take to its ongoing discussions with the FTC about the law's more nuanced intricacies. Next, Jon Brescia from the Online Interest-Based Accountability Program spoke about evolving methods of online tracking such as cookie-less tracking on both desktop and mobile devices. Participants had a chance to learn more about the way CARU and the Accountability program work behind the scenes to identify these trackers and ensure that Safe Harbor participants aren't running afoul of COPPA's new rules.

Elaine Kolish and Maureen Enright from the Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative were also present to discuss how the CFBAI harmoniously works with CARU. Discussions touched upon streaming media and how to ensure proper ad placement.

Finally, in the wake of the evolving landscape of third-party video platforms, discussion moved onto issues of blurring, endorsements and the future implications of similar platforms.

CARU also addressed its Supporters about what it's been up to in the last year and what its future plans are. CARU also asked its supporters for feedback on what they believe should be CARU's focus for the upcoming year.

Being a member of CARU gives supporters a seat at the table when discussing issues on the forefront in the industry. If your'e not already a member of CARU contact Wayne Keeley ( or Jay Black ( to discuss how you can join.