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FTC Reports Better Privacy Disclosures for Children's Apps

The FTC completed a new survey to examine what disclosures are being made about children's apps privacy practices and interactive features like links to social media. The FTC found that of the 364 apps they reviewed (in both Google Play and Apple Store) that 45% of them (164 of the apps) had privacy policies that could be viewed from a direct link on the app store page. Additionally, 38 of the apps had privacy policies in harder-to-find places such as the app developer's website and another 48 of the apps included some form of disclosures within the app itself about sharing of personal information. To read more about the FTC's findings, visit its website.

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Teddy bears once filled with stuffing are now hard-wired with smart technology. Internet-connected toys can be fun but they can also put your family at risk if proper care is not taken when buying and using these devices.

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FTC Provides Additional Guidance on COPPA and Voice Recordings

Today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provided additional guidance on the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) when it comes to voice recordings. Find out more about this policy on the FTC's website here.

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