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The Latest News From...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mom Logic Features the Children's Advertising Review Unit

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Mom Logic, a website featuring articles that "Mom's are talking about," was kind enough to share a bit about CARU's latest campaign with their readers to get parents involved in their children's internet safety.

Check out the article here and find out CARU's tips to keep your children safe on the internet this summer.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CARU's Public Service Announcement Appears During Good Morning America

CARU's PSA appeared during Good Morning America this morning. The announcement promotes children's safety on the internet and encourages parents to get involved. To learn more, parents can go to CARU's new parent's corner to learn about how to keep their children safe on the internet.

Visit CARU's YouTube page to watch our Public Service Announcement.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Children's Online Privacy and Internet Safety: CARU: Children's Advertis...

CARU is pleased to announce the launch of its Public Service Announcement and our very own YouTube page.

CARU's First West Coast Conference!

CARU was pleased to hold its first conference in Los Angeles, California this past month.  CARU's director, Wayne Keeley, Associate Director, Phyllis Spaeth, and Staff Attorney Andra Dallas ventured out to the West coast. The half-day event was free and covered potential changes to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.  CARU explored issues raised by the Rule review at the FTC's COPPA roudtable in D.C., including possible changes to the definition of Personally Identifiable Information as well as the application of the terms internet and website to new devices and technologies. CARU also provided an overview of what we do and our Guidelines for those who were unfamiliar with CARU.