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A Gift For Parents This Holiday Season: Help Keep Your Kids Safe Online

If you're like most parents you want to keep your kids safe online. Doing so these days is no easy task and many parents are finding themselves feeling not only overwhelmed by the unknown on the Internet, but also less adept than their children at using the very devices, websites and apps that worry them. CARU is the self-regulatory body for children's advertising. We work to ensure that all advertising to children is truthful, accurate and not deceptive. We also monitor websites online to make sure that they are safe and that they don't violate the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. When we come across something that we think parents may find useful for helping ensure that their kids have a safe online experience, we want to share it!

If you are one of these parents who want to make sure that your kids are making smart and responsible decisions online there is an interesting new resource that helps families do just that. offers tools to …