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The Federal Trade Commission Updates the COPPA FAQs

It's no secret the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act can be a little confusing. To clarify some of the law's more difficult nuances the FTC published the COPPA FAQs several years ago. The FTC is constantly updating the FAQs as the law evolves with new technologies. Today, the COPPA FAQs have been updated again in an effort to help companies better understand COPPA's fine details. The updates address acceptable methods of verifiable parental consent. Changes can be found in FAQs H.5 and H.10, and there is also a new FAQs are located  at H.16. 

You can find the new COPPA FAQs on the FTC Website.

FTC Sues Amazon Over In-App Purchases Made by Kids

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed suit against last week seeking millions of dollars in restitution for unauthorized charges, which were incurred by children making in-app purchases without obtaining parental consent while playing online games.

Although Apple agreed to pay a $32.5 million settlement, Amazon insists that it has addressed consumer complaints for unauthorized purchases individually and maintains that its situation is different from Apple's. The FTC, however, believes that despite years of consumer issues, Amazon allowed these practices to persist.

To read more about the FTC's second case recently involving in-app purchases, visit the FTC website for further details.