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Showing posts from June, 2014

Facebook May Soon Be Available to Children Under 13...Legally

It's certainly no secret that there are millions of children on Facebook who legally are not supposed to be there, but pretty soon they may just get their wish. Facebook has filed for a patent that would allow them to finally join. The patent would allow for parental supervision--just adding one more thing to parents' neverending to-dos! To read more about what this process would entail, click here.

Mobile App Developers Will Bear the Brunt of FTC Crackdown

As is widely known in the industry, the FTC has declared that it will soon begin targeting tech companies that are violating COPPA. While this action hasn't begun quite yet such action is believed to be on the horizon. Industry experts expect some actions to be just around the corner. To read more about what actions are to be expected in this space, check out this article.