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Vitual Reality: The Next Big Concern in Children's Privacy?

With the release of COPPA 2.0 last summer and with the flourishing of the mobile app environment, privacy concerns recently have been largely focused on what information has been collected from mobile platforms. Now, with Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus VR we may see a whole new slew of privacy issues stemming from a world of virtual reality. Read more about this and the privacy issues that we may see here.

Join CARU for its Annual California Conference About Marketing to Children

It's that time of year again: CARU's 4th Annual West Coast Conference: Marketing to Children in a Digital Landscape. The conference is going to be heldMay 7th, 2014 at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, CA. Hear from the experts about the legal and practical challenges posed by implementing the FTC's new Children’s Privacy Regulations as they apply to Apps, social media, websites and more. Panelists will examine domestic and global challenges to self-regulation of advertising to children including social media, mobile marketing, and advertising and marketing in Latino markets.

The conference will also provide attendees with practical information to enhance their ability to navigate the children’s advertising industry’s self-regulatory forum, specifically CARU’s Self-Regulatory Program for children’s advertising.  This year there will also be a special workshop focusing on Food and Beverage marketing to children. This will be held the day before the main conference on May 6th,…

The Risks Children May Face When Using Some of their Favorite Online Apps

Between tablets, computers and mobile phones, kids are spending countless hours online every day--and their personal information may not be as secure as you may think. The Better Business Bureau, in a recent article in the Midland Reporter-Telegram warns parents that some mobile applications on tablets and mobile phones may be siphoning children's data. In a report by the Federal Trade Commission ( the FTC) at the end of 2013, it was reported that in many cases, developers are sharing data collected from children like the child's location, telephone number and other information obtained from the mobile device.

The Midland Reporter-Telegram reports some great advice that CARU gives about how to help parents protect their kids from unauthorized access to their information. To read about CARU's advice, check out this article on the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

If you have a complaint about an app or any advertising that is directed to children, click here where you can let CAR…