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FTC Releases 2012 Update to Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, "COPPA"

Today, The Federal Trade Commission enacted the final amendments to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, which it had been working on since 2010. The amendments strengthen children's privacy protections and give parents greater control over the personal information that websites and online services may collect from children under 13. The Federal Trade Commission chose to update the Rule in order to keep up with changing technology, the increased use of mobile and tablet devices as well as the novel ways children use these devices. After several rounds of public comment and many roudtable sessions discussing the update, the Federal Trade Commission released the final changes to COPPA today.

Visit the Federal Trade Commission's website for more detailed information about the update.

According to a Survey on Parents They Want Stronger Laws to Protect Their Children Online

Two non-profit advocacy groups recently released survey findings showing overwhelming support for many of the proposed and stricter changes to The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). COPPA is being updated in order to keep in line with the changing technological climate. According to the article, more than 90% of parents surveyed agreed that parental permission must be granted before tracking cookies or location information are given out.

Visit Digital Media Wire to read the full article.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

We just wanted to take a moment and wish all of our blog followers, supporters and everyone out there committed to responsible advertising to children a warm and well-deserved holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year. Wishing you all the best in 2013. We appreciate all of your support and look forward to working with you all again after the holidays. Be safe and have fun!

Another BBB Phishing Scam. Don't Be Victimized.

Phishing scam-artists are at it again, sending emails that appear to be from your trusted Better Business Bureau. The emails typically tell you that a complaint has been registered against your business and ask you to download a form they have conveniently attached. The con artists are after your financial information. Please don't fall victim to one of these horrible plots. Please visit the BBB's website for more information about how to avoid this and other phishing scams.