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Showing posts from November, 2011

FTC Extends Deadline for Comments on Proposed Amendments to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule Until December 23, 2011

The Federal Trade Commission has extended its deadline for the public to submit comments on proposed amendments to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) until December 23, 2011. COPPA gives parents control over what personal information may be collected from children under 13. The FTC has proposed amendments to COPPA to ensure that the rule remains relevant as new technologies evolve.

Click HERE to read more about this on the FTC's website.

Facebook Settles FTC Charges of Deception Regarding Privacy Promises

Facebook has agreed to settle deception charges by the Federal Trade Commission.  Facebook allegedly promised its consumers that they could keep their information on Facebook private, and then allowed it to be shared and made public.  Click HERE to read the rest of the article on the FTC's website.

Apps Will Soon Get Ratings Similar to Video Games

Mobile apps and games for smartphones and tablets will soon be carrying age-based ratings courtesy of the ESRB. Visit USA TODAY to learn more about what mobile app ratings will entail.

Media Companies Move Into The Children's App Market

If you have any tablet or smartphone and any children you probably know who really owns these devices...your children. That's why media companies have begun moving into the lucrative market of children's apps. Click HERE to read more.

Are Parents Helping Their Children Sneak Onto Facebook?

This probably comes as no surprise to you but there may actually be kids on Facebook. Check out this CNN article for more details on a recent study that was done!