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Y-Pulse Mentions CARU's PSA

Y-Pulse, a website, which serves as a guide to youth via news, commentary, events, research & strategy, mentioned CARU yesterday:

"What parents don't 'like' about Facebook 'Like' (Data mining. Two Los Angeles parents are leading a lawsuit claiming the feature is being used to exploit minors for commercial purposes. Wonder if we'll see more of this parental activism after CARU airs its first PSA addressing internet safety issues."

If you haven't done so yet, please check out CARU's PSA campaign at our YouTube channel.

More Ink About CARU's PSAs on Ad Age

Advertising Age, an online source for marketing and media news, wrote up a piece about CARU's PSA campaign. The feature explained the PSAs and even quoted CARU's very own Director, Wayne Keeley,

"The campaign was created with a twofold purpose in mind," said CARU Director Wayne J. Keeley in a statement. "First, as an awareness vehicle for parents to think about where their children may be surfing and, second, to direct them to CARU for more information about Internet safety."

We are so grateful for all of the support we have received from the industry, including Ad Age for helping us get the word out about the importance of internet safety.

CARU is mentioned in the New York Times...AGAIN!

On August 23, CARU was mentioned in the Webdenda section of the New York Times in an article entitled:"Accounts and People of Note in the Ad Industry."

The article states:

"Children’s Advertising Review Unit of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, New York, introduced its first public service announcements. The campaign, created internally, carries the theme “Do you know where your children are on the Internet?” The ads feature Catherine Hicks, who for many years played the wife and mother, Annie Camden, on the television series “7th Heaven.” The unit is part of the self-regulatory process for advertising aimed at children."

More Press About CARU's Public Service Announcement Campaign!

CARU is so pleased that so many wonderful media outlets have been helping us get the word out about the importance of internet safety. The latest mention CARU received can be seen on Teen and Child Safe Internet Solutions.

CARU's PSA Campaign Getting Press

The Children's Advertising Review Unit's Public Service Announcement has been getting a ton of press lately. The spots have been featured numerous times over the past couple of weeks on ABC's Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly and Rachel Ray. They have aired on Discovery Kids several times as well.

Even online news sources like the Mississippi Daily has featured CARU's campaign. Check out what MS Digital Daily had to say about it here.

Better Business Bureau and WOMMA Present Webinar on Aligning Legal, Social Media and Marketing

The Better Business Bureau and Word of Mouth Marketing Association present the new webinar series "Compliant & Successful - Aligning Marketing & Legal Around Word of Mouth & Social Media Marketing." 
Today’s social media environment is forcing even the most progressive companies to re-think how to meet changing legal/regulatory requirements while addressing the real time needs of their customers and consumers. For many companies, establishing best practices, policies and protocols are lagging in the wake of the consumer controlled social web.

Webinars will be held July 29, August 3, and August 5 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT.  CARU will be presenting during Webinar 3 on August 5 at 1pm CST: What is on the Horizon: Privacy, Regulated Industries, Marketing to Children and More.

Key Takeaways will include:

See how the future of privacy effects your future marketing plans Gain insights into how regulated industries are adapting to today’s marketing landscape Unders…