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The Latest News From...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CARU Reaches Out to the Community

On September 22, CARU staff attorney Andra Dallas visited the Housing, Human Services, and Youth Committee of Community Board 5, which serves midtown Manhattan.  Andra gave a 20 minute presentation on CARU, specifically focusing on the importance of parental guidance in watching television and using the Internet with children.  She gave a brief overview on CARU’s history and then explained the major topics covered in CARU’s Guidelines, providing a few concrete examples from television commercials and/or websites.  Andra also explained that CARU engages in extensive monitoring of television and websites but welcomes complaints via the CARU website about advertising or privacy concerns that are inconsistent with CARU’s Guidelines

The audience was made up primarily of parents and teachers who live in the community and the presentation was very well received.  This visit to Community Board 5 was the third of many that have been planned for the coming year, as part of CARU’s new community outreach initiatives. 

If you would like a CARU staff member to give a presentation to your community group, please contact