Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Don't Forget to Register for CARU's Annual Conference

CARU's annual conference is happening next week on Wednesday October 1st at the Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park. CARU believes that if there is one conference to attend this year about children's marketing, this is it. With so much  happening right now in the children's marketing industry, you can't afford not to be a part of the discussion.  

Expert panelists will consider challenging issues facing the Children's Advertising Industry, focusing on how online and mobile technology has changed the way companies market their products to children in the US and abroad. A significant emphasis will be placed on the modifications to the FTC's COPPA Rule, including discussions on how companies are implementing new practices to comply with these changes in their online and mobile marketing.

Panelists will also discuss strategies for utilizing online interest-based advertising and other third party initiatives while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance, marketing to children through non-traditional means, domestic and global challenges in self-regulation, social media, and much more. Additionally, CARU has devoted an entire panel to discussing the nuances of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). 

The Keynote speaker is Terrell McSweeny - Commissioner of the FTC. Other confirmed speakers include Kandi Parsons (via Skype) - Senior Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, FTC; Elliott M. Siebers - Deputy Attorney General, NJ Department of Law & Public Safety; Brian Morgenstern - Cyber Investigator, NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection and many more.

To view the entire conference agenda, click here.

This event is not to be missed. To register, please click here. For a special discount of 10% off for our blog readers, please use code: "carutenoff"

If you have any questions please contact Rey Persaud at, Jay Black at or Wayne Keeley at

We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Google Plans to Launch Services Directed to Children

Reports around the globe seem to be indicating that Google may soon allow children to have their own accounts. The rumor is that the suite of services will be compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We hear that they are planning to create children versions of platforms like Youtube and Gmail.

To find out more, check out this article.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Federal Trade Commission Updates the COPPA FAQs

It's no secret the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act can be a little confusing. To clarify some of the law's more difficult nuances the FTC published the COPPA FAQs several years ago. The FTC is constantly updating the FAQs as the law evolves with new technologies. Today, the COPPA FAQs have been updated again in an effort to help companies better understand COPPA's fine details. The updates address acceptable methods of verifiable parental consent. Changes can be found in FAQs H.5 and H.10, and there is also a new FAQs are located  at H.16. 

You can find the new COPPA FAQs on the FTC Website

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FTC Sues Amazon Over In-App Purchases Made by Kids

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed suit against last week seeking millions of dollars in restitution for unauthorized charges, which were incurred by children making in-app purchases without obtaining parental consent while playing online games.

Although Apple agreed to pay a $32.5 million settlement, Amazon insists that it has addressed consumer complaints for unauthorized purchases individually and maintains that its situation is different from Apple's. The FTC, however, believes that despite years of consumer issues, Amazon allowed these practices to persist.

To read more about the FTC's second case recently involving in-app purchases, visit the FTC website for further details.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Facebook May Soon Be Available to Children Under 13...Legally

It's certainly no secret that there are millions of children on Facebook who legally are not supposed to be there, but pretty soon they may just get their wish. Facebook has filed for a patent that would allow them to finally join. The patent would allow for parental supervision--just adding one more thing to parents' neverending to-dos! To read more about what this process would entail, click here.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mobile App Developers Will Bear the Brunt of FTC Crackdown

As is widely known in the industry, the FTC has declared that it will soon begin targeting tech companies that are violating COPPA. While this action hasn't begun quite yet such action is believed to be on the horizon. Industry experts expect some actions to be just around the corner. To read more about what actions are to be expected in this space, check out this article.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vitual Reality: The Next Big Concern in Children's Privacy?

With the release of COPPA 2.0 last summer and with the flourishing of the mobile app environment, privacy concerns recently have been largely focused on what information has been collected from mobile platforms. Now, with Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus VR we may see a whole new slew of privacy issues stemming from a world of virtual reality. Read more about this and the privacy issues that we may see here.