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FTC Expands to Include Dedicated Office of Technology and Research

The FTC is starting up a new research sector in a recently formed Office of Technology Research and Investigation (OTRI). The office's goal will be to expand the FTC's capacity to protect consumers in an age of rapid technological innovation. The FTC has always been on the forefront of new technology, several years ago it created a Mobil Technology Unit (MTU) to protect consumers engaged in mobile commerce. However, as technology continues to morph and evolve, it was clear that an expanded effort was needed. The OTRI will be the MTU's successor. And the FTC is hiring, so if you love all things tech, this may be your time to shine! To see more about the expanded effort as well as the positions the FTC has created, visit the FTC's blog.

Privacy Implications as App Use Becomes Widespread in Schools

As app use in our educational institutions is becoming more and more widespread, certain privacy concerns are raised with regards to what information they may be collecting from children. New apps are being created at such a staggering rate that schools are having a difficult time finding the time and resources to properly review them all before teachers are utilizing such digital learning tools. There are a host of concerns as educational institutions scramble to keep up with these novel learning products. 
Check out this New York Times article to learn more about school oversight and privacy risks.