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Monday, January 12, 2015

Why Everyone Still Needs to Be Worried About Children's Privacy

Last week, Allison Fitzpatrick from Davis & Gilbert LLP wrote an article in Ad Age essentially warning folks that it's not just the apps and websites targeting children that need to worry about the FTC and other regulators when it comes to children's privacy. Although the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) revisions went into effect all the way back in July 2013, it was generally understood that there was a bit of a grace period as companies grappled with how to implement changes that at the time much of the industry did not entirely grasp. However, it seems clear that in the coming year, that grace period has ended and that the FTC may be increasing its actions not only exclusively in the child space anymore but also in a more overlapping gray area where companies may not expect it.

In the article, Fitzpatrick has several predictions for 2015, which include more COPPA actions on a state level, COPPA actions that no longer apply to only child-directed websites, behavioral targeting on kid sites and more scrutiny of social media. Advocacy groups have been on the FTC for years, urging them to take a harder line when it comes to children's privacy. Will 2015 be the year?

To read the full article, be sure to check out Ad Age. For more information about the author, Allison Fitzpatrick, check out her bio here.